2023 Achievements


Yuexiu Property Talent Training System

The Group continues to enhance its organizational management capabilities and talent pool, and improves its talent development system, offering diversified training for employees at different levels and new employees. The talent training system consists of four brand programs: “Hummingbird Program”, “Sea Swallow Program”, “Swan Program” and “Roc Program”, covering professional skills, business manners and management ability, etc. The talent training system opens the talent training path and creates opportunities for continuous learning and development for every striver.

Employee Assistance Program

In 2023, the Company officially launched the EAP to provide employees with a full range of psychological support and services.

The program includes a series of mental health education and training activities to increase employees’ awareness and understanding of mental health and help them develop healthier work and life habits. Through these activities, employees learn how to better manage their emotions and stress, build positive relationships, and ultimately achieve a better work-life balance. We hope that through implementing the EAP, we can effectively enhance the mental health and job satisfaction of our employees, improving their overall well-being and work efficiency. During the reporting period, there were no incidents of employee suicide attributed to psychological issues within the Company.