2023 Achievements


Case of Green Building Practices: Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre Phase II Project

Baiyun International Convention Centre integrates green design with Lingnan climate characteristics and climate data, following the principle of “passive first, active optimisation” in green building design by selecting appropriate comprehensive design strategies. The project embodies design features in four aspects: “Local design, energy-efficient comfort, intelligent control, and ecological resilience”.

Guided by new development concepts and Assessment Standard for Green Building (GB/T50378-2019), the project aims to create a green and low-carbon exhibition complex. It has received multiple national awards, including the China Construction Steel Structure Gold Award and the IFLA Excellence Award, becoming the first conference centre in Guangdong Province to obtain a 3-star pre-assessment certification for green buildings.

Case of Sponge City Building: Yuexiu iPARK Guangdong-Hong Kong Smart Valley

Yuexiu iPARK Guangdong-Hong Kong Smart Valley project is going to be a sponge city construction project. As one of the three pioneering areas in the Nansha Plan – the first large-scale demonstration project integrating industry and city in the Qingsheng Hub Area, with a total land area of 41,114 sq.m. and a gross floor area of 138,228 sq.m.. Through rainwater discharge facility, PP rainwater pool module, rainwater recycling tanks and water treatment equipment, the project realises hierarchical water reuse and rain-sewage diversion, facilitating the sponge city building in Nansha Community for Hong Kong People.