2023 Achievements


Yuexiu Office Ecosystem YUE OFFICE: Creating a Healthy and Positive Office Environment

Guangzhou International Finance Center has created a healthy and positive office environment through the practice of Yuexiu Office Ecosystem (YUE OFFICE). A variety of community activities, including sports, music, culture and other themes, are organised to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of white-collar workers, promote their physical and mental health, and enhance community vitality and cohesion. Meanwhile, we provide a series of exclusive benefits, covering a wide range of living areas, such as catering, beauty salon, tourism and accommodation, and transportation and travel for the office population by linking up with retail, hotels, apartments, and other business formats, making the life of the employees more diversified and fun.

YUE OFFICE focuses on the health and comfort of the office environment. We have equipped the shared office space YUE SPACE with ergonomically designed office desks and chairs, which can be freely adjusted according to individual needs. This can effectively optimise the office experience, reduce physical and mental fatigue of the workforce personnel, and create an office environment conducive to health and efficiency.

YUE OFFICE Six Thirty Theatre activity

Ergonomic office desks and chairs of YUE SPACE