2023 Achievements


Creating the High-quality Preschool Education Brand “Yue Mei Le”

By leveraging our advantages in resource integration, we explore a preschool education industry development model that aligns with Yuexiu’s characteristics. We have entered into strategic cooperation agreements with well-known institutions such as Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Centre and Guangzhou Normal School of Pre-school Education, co-establishing a new model of preschool education that combines medical care, music characteristics, public welfare, and state-owned enterprise operations. Under this model, we have successfully nurtured the “Yue Mei Le” preschool education brand, opening Yue Mei Le (Xinghan) Kindergarten and Yue Mei Le (Yihai) Kindergarten.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, we will actively respond to government calls, meet the kindergarten and nursery needs of our main projects, enrich community education services, and export high-quality preschool education resources. We will continue to integrate premium industry resources, playing an active role as a stateowned enterprise in promoting harmonious social development and contributing to China’s early childhood education industry.

Yue Mei Le (Xinghan) Kindergarten