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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012
Date:2013.08.14 11:00:00
The Group has upheld its corporate principles of “Realising a better life” by adhering to the core values of “quality,integrity and excellence” and adopting the performance of social responsibilities as one of the fundamental principles of corporate development. In 2012, the Group incorporated social responsibilities into the corporate development strategies and formulated the social responsibil ity implementation plan to perform the obligations of a corporate citizen.Thus, the operating results of the Group were not only reflected in its financial performance, but also in the returns to the shareholders, staff and various stakeholders in the community.


As a responsible property developer, the Group has been adhering to its philosophy of “Low-Carbon, Green and Intelligent” development. In 2012, the Group compiled the “White Paper on Green Architecture of Yuexiu Property” to incorporate the development of green architecture into the strategic directions of the Group. Meanwhile, a series of green management systems and measures targeting the various aspects of property development projects such as research and development, design, procurement, construction and operation have been established. This included the selection of suppliers who use green materials and environmental processes in procurements and strict supervision on the environmental processes to be implemented by the construction parties, in order to effectively reduce the adverse effects of construction on the surrounding environment and the community.

On 31 March 2012, in response to the “Earth Hour” environmental protection campaign launched by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the Group’s Guangzhou International Finance Center shut down all the lights of the whole building for one hour from 20:30 to 21:30, while hosting a special charitable event of an electricity-free philharmonic concert “Zero in Listening to the Earth Hour” at the same time, to let people appreciate the benefits of a “zero” carbon life during the lights off hour and initiate motivations for environmental protection.


The Group organized community-culture activities proactively within its property projects with an aim to build happy communities. In 2012, nearly 300 community-culture events of various categories were organized. The Group also strongly supported staff to participate in community volunteering work to demonstrate love and care to the community.In 2012, the Group actively organized staff to participate in community activities, such as visiting pensioners’ homes,providing sponsorship in education, helping in difficulties, etc., a total of more than 1,500 staff members had participated in these volunteering activities.

In 2012, the Group continued its active participation in social charitable activities. The Group’s poverty relief work in Niuliujia Village and Pozai Village in Maoming City and Hengkeng Village in Conghua City of Guangdong Province focused on the building of a long-term effective mechanism together with the local people to enhance poverty reliefs, focusing not only on “giving fish” but also more on “teaching the method of fishing”. In 2012, the funds used for poverty relief in the above three villages were RMB3.41 million on a cumulative basis, which were applied in developing special crops and animal husbandry, providing skill training, repairing roads and reconstructing bridges, subsidizing the purchases of medical insurance, all of which achieved pleasing results.


The Group attaches great importance to occupational health and safety of staff. No occupational disease cases had occurred during the full year in 2012. Staff coverage of medical checks and health files reached 100% in 2012. Customized medical checks were also implemented such that staff members may increase the number of medical examination items depending on their own needs. Arrangements were also made for one-on-one interviews between doctors and staff with health problems to address any queries and provide advice on food, exercise and therapy.Moreover, the Group also made regular visits and organized donations to help resolve difficulties faced by staff members who suffer from critical illness or other emergencies.

The Group also attaches great importance to career development of staff. Nearly 400 training sessions of various categories were held during the year and the number of participants in these trainings reached almost 19,000. The Group continued to conduct and improve trainings under the “Starry Program (星匯計劃)” covering training series for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels to focus on cultivating talents suitable for role models, subject experts and operation managers correspondingly.


The Group will continue to explore ways to do more in corporate social responsibilities (CSR), promote the building of a CSR system to incorporate social responsibility plans into corporate strategies and corporate culture in order to achieve further enhancement of CSR management and bring the Group’s CSR building to a new level.