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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011
Date:2013.08.13 11:27:59

Since its establishment, the Group has been adhering to its philosophy of “Responsibility, Teamwork and Passion”, and is endeavored to construct harmonious architectures for better living. During the Reporting Period, the Group had a deeper understanding of and actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. Under the clear guiding principle of “Be a socially responsible large corporation”, the Group has initiated its corporate social responsibility activities systematically and has achieved remarkable results.


During Reporting Period, the Group continued to support social charitable activities with its best efforts, especially in poverty relief in the cities of Maoming and Conghua, Guangdong Province, and the total charitable donations amounted to approximately RMB3,000,000. The poverty-relief rate of Niuliujia village and Pozi village of Maoming City reached 94% and 93.5% respectively by successfully achieving the collective targets of the villagers. Moreover, the home renovation program for the poor and low-income households in Niuliujia village was in good progress; therefore, 84% of the annual target set out in the poverty-relief plan was met. The donation for Hengkeng village of Conghua City reached approximately RMB480,000 and poverty-relief rate was 56%.


The Group encourages staff to actively participate in voluntary activities and calls upon all staff to apply their knowledge and skills in social charitable works which would, in turn, enable them to expand their horizons and enhance their personal values. During the Reporting Period, the Group organized charitable project aimed at helping the poor, aged and disabled, and blood donations with 1,680 and 185 staff took part in them, respectively.


The Group is also highly concerned about the career development and psychological quality of its staff. To promote the all-round development of its staff, the Group had created a solid and fair platform for them to better realize their personal values. As for the training aspect, the Group collaborated with a professional consulting agent in conducting an assessment and analysis on the training system. The Group has initiated its first talent development program, namely the “Starry Program(星匯計劃)”, under which three sub-programs have been developed, including the “Starry Golden Sands(星匯‧金沙)” program for fresh staff, the “Starry Winking(星匯‧雲錦)” program for business experts, and the “Starry Phoenix( 星匯‧ 鳳凰) ” program for potential mid-level managements. By offering training courses, job rotation and promotion competition, these programs provide the Group with key talents for corporate development.