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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013
Date:2014.05.07 15:37:35


With “Realizing a Better Life” as its own responsibilities, the Group takes the performance of social responsibilities as one of the fundamental principles of corporate development and fulfills its corporate mission of “Bringing Returns to Shareholders, Staff and Society”. In 2013, the Group continued to innovate and further incorporated its corporate social responsibilities into its operations and corporate culture to promote the construction of its corporate social responsibility system, which achieved significant results.


The Group actively participated in charitable activities such as supporting the poor. In 2013, the Group initiated its poverty relief work in Mashan Village, Baxiang Town, Fengshun Country, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, a poor area, and the Group will continue its poverty relief work in this area until 2016 to ensure such work is carried out practically and effectively. In addition, property projects of the Group also actively fulfilled their social responsibilities jointly with customers. For example, the management team of Guangzhou Fortune World Plaza, a large theme mall, cooperated with merchants in the mall to organise a charitable shoes auction activity named “ Warming Foot (暖足行動)”, the proceeds of which would be fully used for purchase of shoes to be donated to poor pupils, which gave rise to positive social responses. The Group also actively encouraged its staff to participate in and carry out volunteer activities, donate blood, care for the elderly and children and provide convenient services and arts education to people in the communities. The aggregate number of participants reached approximately 1,200 for the whole year.

After the occurrence of an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 in Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province on 20 April 2013, the Group quickly provided assistance and donated relief funds to the earthquake-stricken area. Meanwhile, the Group made a volunteer action proposal to the owners of properties nationwide and all the staff and opened the “Green Channel for Donations” in communities and its properties to raise funds and supplies and sent them to the earthquakestricken area of Ya’an. The aggregate amount of social donations made by the Group in 2013 amounted to approximately RMB9 million.


The Group has been adhering to its development philosophy of “Low-Carbon, Green and Intelligent” and devoted to developing livable green properties to improve the quality of living. The Group took the lead to adopt the Green Building Standards and formulate the applicable technical guidelines in line with the Company’s actual situation to provide guidelines for the various aspects such as design, construction and operation. The Group effectively promoted the research and development of green building technology and actively marketed the application of the relevant research results. The Group put great efforts to promote the green buildings in the industry and led the healthy development of the industry.

In November 2013, the Group organised “Guangzhou International Finance Center National Ascent Challenge( 廣州國際金融中心全國登高挑戰賽)” to advocate the green lifestyle through sport for all. Meanwhile, the Group issued the “White Paper on Green Properties” of Yuexiu Property( 《綠色地產白皮書》) to promote the development trend of green buildings and call for the whole society to realise the harmony between mankind and nature.


The Group attaches great importance to the occupational health of its staff. The Group has established the occupational disease prevention and control systems in order to enhance the occupational health training, improve the working environment of its staff and care for the physical and mental health of its staff. The Group organises all the staff to attend medical checks annually. Staff coverage of medical checks and health files reached 100% and no occupational disease cases had occurred during the full year in 2013. The Group also held a variety of staff’s sports meetings and encouraged its staff to enhance their physical exercises. The Group also attaches great importance to the career development of its staff. 550 training sessions of various categories were held during the year and the number of participants in these trainings reached approximately 18,000.Based on its well-refined “Starry( 星匯)” talent cultivation program, the Group introduced the “Star Show( 星秀)” talent cultivation program customised for the outstanding graduates during the year in order to help the young grow faster.