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Guangzhou Lingnan Wood

Launch Year: 2014

Guangzhou Lingnan Woods (廣州嶺南林語)is located south of Changling Road in Luogang District of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The project will consist of 88 villas and 16 high-rise apartments. Jointly developed by Yuexiu Property and Poly Real Estate, the project is the Group’s latest property development in the Luogang District after Guangzhou Lingnan Hillside and Guangzhou Lingnan Villas, and it will strengthen the Group’s brand presence in the region.

Bounded by hills on three sides, the location enjoys a natural setting. Lifestyle needs are also fully met by the nearby facilities including a commercial street, swimming pool, hospital and school. The project is conveniently located with the central business district of Zhujiang New Town only a 30-minute drive away. It is also near the Luogang Coach Terminal, Xiangxue Station on Guangzhou Metro Line No. 6, which is currently under construction, and the Changping Station on the Metro Line No. 21, which is under planning. The project site will be part of the Guangzhou municipal government’s Changling International Ecological Residential Zone, and thus is expected to have great development prospects.

Guangzhou Lingnan Villas

Launch Year: 2013

Guangzhou Lingnan Villas(廣州嶺南雅築) is located in Guangzhou’s Luogang District in Guangdong Province. It consists of 15 buildings. Following the Lingnan Hillside, this is another project of the Company in the Luoguang District and will help enhance the Company’s brand presence in the region.

The project is conveniently located to the south of Kaiyuan Avenue, and only a 30-minute drive from the central business district of Zhujiang New Town. Surrounded by hills on three sides, the residential project enjoys a natural setting, fresh air and scenic views, making it an ideal place to live. The apartments are mostly between 82 and 105 sq.m. catered for ‘rigid’ demand. Lifestyle needs are fully met by the project’s comprehensive facilities including commercial street, kindergarten, swimming pool and tennis court.

Guangzhou Starry Cullinan

Launch Year:2014

Guangzhou Starry Cullinan is located on Haiye Road in Pearl River New Town in the Central Business District of Guangzhou City. The project will be a 37-storey high-rise building, comprising 42 units. Of the 42 units, 22 are apartments with over 300 sq.m. each. The other 20 units are duplex apartments with over 500 sq.m. each.

The project is located in the core eastern district of Pearl River New Town with a convenient transportation network. Lifestyle and entertainment facilities are abundant, including the nearby 28-hectare Zhujiang Park, world-class resorts, top-tier restaurants, large-scale shopping malls and secondary and elementary schools with high ratings.

HBA, a top luxury hotel designer house in the world, has been appointed to create a spacious and comfortable layout for the project in order to cater to the needs of high-end buyers. The project consists of two units per floor with five lifts, and each unit comes with four parking spaces. With a private clubhouse and a rooftop swimming pool, Guangzhou Starry Cullinan is Yuexiu Property’s new and representative residential project for the high-end market.

Guangzhou Starry Wenhua

Launch Year: 2011

Guangzhou Starry Wenhua (廣州星匯文華) is one of the master pieces of the Group’ s “Starry Series” in the new era of residential living. It is located within the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center where cultural resources, natural resources and regional resources converge. Starry Wenhua is facing the Pearl River and Lingnan Garden of Impression on the south side, adjacent to South China Universi ty of Technology and Guangzhou University of Technology on the eastern and western sides. The project is surrounded by 10 top universities and colleges and immersed in a cultural atmosphere. The project is adjacent to the University Town South Station of the No. 4 Guangzhou Metro Line. The city center of Guangzhou is within a travelling dist ance of 15 minutes with a convenient traffic network. The design of the project is a fusion of the traditional Ling nan culture and the modern style of simplicity, and aims to create an innovative benchmark arc hitecture of medium and small size units with an elite community.

Guangzhou Starry Wenhan

Launch Year: 2012

Guangzhou Starry Wenhan ( 廣州星匯文瀚) sits between Sun Yat-Sen University and Xinghai Conservatory of Music in the north of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. Comprising fourteen 15- or 16-storey buildings, the residential property offers units ranging in floor area from 110 to 180 sq.m.. The project offers a breathtaking view and stunning waterscapes, coupled with a private swimming pool. Adjacent to Higher Education Mega Center North Station on Metro Line 4, the project is only 5 minutes' drive from the Pazhou Convention & Exhibition Center and 10 minutes' drive from the Zhujiang New Town CBD. In 2013, Starry Wenhan unveiled a batch of 3-bedroom units that range in floor area from 110 to 170 sq.m.. Oriented south-north with rectangular layout for good air flow, these units provide entrance gardens with unblocked views of river and the campus of Sun Yat -Sen University, making them a hit in the market.

Guangzhou Starry Wenyu

Launch Year: 2012

Situated in the south of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou Starry Wenyu ( 廣州星匯文宇) abuts Guangdong University of Technology to the west, overlooks the green space of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center and the spectacular views of the Pearl River to the east, and joins Higher Education Mega Center South Station on Metro Line 4 to the north. Comprising fourteen 14- to 16-storey Western-style buildings, the project boasts a staggerin g green space ratio of 55%. Set against a white and grey background, the building complex infuses traditional cultural features of southern China into a modern simplistic style to set a tone of elegance and grand eur.

Guangzhou Starry Golden Sands

Launch Year: 2011

Situated at Jinshazhou, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Starry Gold en Sands ( 廣州星匯 金沙) is adjacent to Xunfeng Station on Metro Line 6 currently under planning. Comprising Western-style buildings and villas, the residential property is designed to provide a community that interweaves natural landscapes into Oriental culture. Adjacent to the Xunfeng mountain range to the north and a vast virgin lake, the estate is blessed with beautiful landscapes as a rare, green and low -density residential community at the heart of Guangzhou. Nestled in a green ery of over 70,000 sq.m., the residential project features several cultural theme zones as well as sport facilities such as tennis and badminton courts and a swimming pool.

Guangzhou Starry Winking

Launch Year: 2009

Situated at the intersection of the east-west business axis of Zhujiang New Town and Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou Starry Winking ( 廣州星匯雲錦) enjoys an ideal geographic location at the heart of Zhujiang New Town CBD. The project consists of a 3-storey basement, a 4 -storey commercial annex and four 150m tower buildings. Designed in a neo-modernistic and simplistic style, the building complex provides top -grade condos with a floor area of around 90 sq.m. and luxury apartments sized over 200 sq.m.. All units come with an entrance garden and are luxuriously furnished, as the project is complemented by a 7,000 sq.m. first -class club and a 6,000 sq.m. hanging garden.

Guangzhou Paradiso Garden

Launch Year: 2012

Located at Xinyuan Avenue, Jiangnan West Road, Guangzhou and adjacent to the prosperous Jiangnan West business street and provincially recognized Nanwu Middle School, Guangzhou Paradiso Garden (廣州可逸錦苑) is well sup ported by a full range of daily amenities from banks to supermarkets. The project is conveniently situated next to Jiangnan West Station on Metro Line 2. Comprising two buildings, the project offers mostly sizeable units of over 150 sq.m. for big families. Designed in a modern Chinese architectural style, the residential development perfectly blends the flavors of South China with modern residential concepts to create a unique lifestyle.

Guangzhou Paradiso Courtyard

Launch Year: 2012

Situated on the southern side of Nantian Road, Haizhu District and adjacent to Jiangnan West business street, Guangzhou Paradiso Courtyard ( 廣州可逸雋軒) enjoys easy and quick access to all local amenities. More remarkably, the estate is close to three metro stations: Fenghuang New Village on Line 8, Jiangnan West and Shiergong on Line 2. The project provides one 21-storey building that comprises 3- or 4 -bedroom units ranging from 93 to 137 sq.m. in floor area. The two-elev ator and three -unit layout makes it a rarely available low -density estate in the urban area . Facing north and south, all units are well -lit and well-ventilated. While every unit is equipped with an entrance garden, th is housing development offers every owner a cosy place of residence.

Guangzhou Paradiso Sunshine

Launch Year: 2012

Located to the south of Shiqiao, the urban center of Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Paradiso Sunshine (廣州可逸陽光) is composed of sixteen 13-storey buildings that mainly offer two - to three -bedroom units of 80-120㎡ and three - to five -bedroom units of 130-170㎡ . Built in a simplistic and modern style with a green space ratio of 50%, the estate is characteristic of Chinese waterfront garden community with its upper-storey units embracing a panorama view of the river. The residential property is well served by a large supermarket, wet market and business street. It is also close to the best -equipped hospital in the neighborhood a nd the traffic hub that connects to the downtown area of Guangzhou and the rest of the Pearl River Delta.

Guangzhou Paradiso Riverside

Launch Year: 2012

Guangzhou Paradiso Riverside ( 廣州可逸江畔) is located to the south of Shiqiao city, Panyu district of Guangzhou, and is only 10 minutes’ drive from the city center of Shiqiao. The project is facing the Shawan Waterway on the southern side, being the unique large-scale low -density riverside project enjoying the privacy of the river bank. It adopted a minimalist and modern architectural style with a unique touch of Lingnan culture. The project comprises of approximately 50,000 sq.m.of large-scale commercia l space, 70,000 sq.m. of modern Chinese garden landscape and 20,000 sq.m. of recreational faci li ties. Panyu Secondary School , a first class school in Guangdong Province, a hospital and a large -scale supermarket are located in the surrounding areas of the project, making it one of the projects with the most comprehensive facilities within the region.

Guangzhou Lingnan Riverside

Launch Year: 2009

Located at Xiwan Road, L iwan District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou Ling nan Riverside ( 廣州嶺南灣畔) comprises eleven 32 -storey high -rise buildings equipped with elevators. As a masterpiece of Yuexiu Property's Lingnan series, the residential property perfectly fuses southern China cultural features into modern architecture. The project benefits from a constant gust of southeastern winds in south China and the beautiful landscapes of Zengbu River to the west . Built on a semi-enclosed structure that is typical of southern China courtyards with a north-south span of 128m, the development houses two low -rise schools to the east, letting in southeastern winds throughout the estate to create a cozy climate fo r the residence. In 2012, Ling nan Riverside won the Gold Award for Outstanding Residential Communities in China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Awards 2012.

Guangzhou Lingnan Hillside

Launch Year: 2013

Guangzhou Lingnan Hillside (廣州嶺南山畔)is located at Luogang Science and Technology City in Guangzhou. The project has planned to house 13 high-rise apartments and a commercial centre. Situated at the junction of Kexiang Road and Kaichuang Avenue, it is nearby the Jinfeng Station of Line 6 of the Guangzhou Metro, which is currently under construction. Lingnan Hillside has a convenient transportation network and is well served by large-scale supermarkets as well as sports and entertainment commercial facilities. The Lingnan style project adopts a dotted architectural layout, which emphasizes the traditional heritage of courtyard space, forming a “gardens in a park and gardens within woods” landscape.

Southern Le Sand

Southern Le Sand(南沙濱海花園)is a matured large-scale development created by Yuexiu Property after 10 years of refinement. It is a new marina zone integrating waterfront living, leisure, resort, investment and business. The development is constructed in nine phases, offering commercial facilities such as commercial pedestrian streets, commercial office buildings, large-scale shopping malls, an entertainment city and five-star hotels, etc. With 10 years of excellent track record and national policy classifying Nansha as a state-level new zone, the sales performance of the project has outperformed the market. In 2014, the Nansha District was officially confirmed to be a key constituent of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone, creating favourable future prospect for Southern Le Sand.

Conghua Glade Village

Situated by the side of Liuxi River, Shengang, Conhua District, Conghua Glade Village ( 從化逸 泉山莊) is around 60 km from downtown Guangzhou and connects conveniently to Guangzhou via National Highway 105, Guangcong Highway, and Jingzhu Expressway. As a large green residential community, the project comprises mostly villas, coupled with a small number of low -rise apartment buildings. The project abuts Fengyunling Natur al Reserve to its north. The building complex infuses modern architectural features such as large French windows into a traditional south China style to create an eco-friendly residence with south China characteristics. The project is well-served by a comp lete range of supporting facilities, including Conghua Glade International Hotel, a large club house, a conference center, a health care center, a bus terminal, a large supermarket, a 1,000 -seat restaurant that serves Chinese and Western-style food, a karao ke parlor, an outdoor tennis court, and a fitness center.

Conghua Green Garden

Launch Year: 2013

Conghua Green Garden (從化逸泉映翠) is located at North Jiangpu Street, Yingbin Avenue, Conghua District . The project is only 5 minutes' drive from Conghua's Jiekou business district and only 8 km from the hot spring resort. Adjacent to the planned Jiekou Station on Guangzhou's Metro Line 14, the estate benefits from beautiful surroundings and easy traffic. The project plan includes twelve 21- to 24 -store y elevator-equipped Western-style buildings. By fully utilizing its unique geography – 5m above the surrounding ground, the estate is perched on a slope. The residential development offers a full range of facilities from business street and kindergarten to swimming pool and play ground. Since its launch in June 2013, the property has been well received by the market.

Huadu Glade Greenland

Launch Year: 2011

Located at Huadu Avenue, Huadong Town, H uadu District, Huadu Glade Greenland (花都逸泉 韻翠) is a djacent to the beautiful Liuxi River. Nestled in 20,000㎡ lichi woods and a 50,000㎡ landscape garden, the project offers a range of outdoor facilities, including a tennis court up to the international standard, a children playground, a walking area, a barbecue site, and a kite -flying zone, creating a comfortable home close to nature. The residential property comprises twenty eight 8- or 9 -store y low -rise buildings with an interval of 100m and a green space ratio of 50%. The project primarily offers 2- to 4 -bedroom unit s with a floor area of 95 -143㎡. The estate is only 5 minutes' drive from National Highway 105 and 40 minutes ' drive from Tianhe District, the business hub of Guangzhou.