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Pearl River Delta
Foshan Lingnan Junting

Launch Year: 2014

Foshan Lingnan Junting (佛山嶺南雋庭) is located at the junction of Tongji Avenue and Lingnan Road in Chancheng District in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The project is situated in the city center of Foshan and within the area of the city central axis of Foshan, in close proximity to the Tongji Road and Pujun North Road stations of the Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Line. This project will be built into a large-scale Lingnan style complex including detached commercial complex, grade-A office building, Lingnan style residential properties, serviced apartments and commercial blocks. In 2014, the Group exercised the call option for the first time to repurchase 80% equity interest of Foshan Lingnan Junting from the investment fund, which demonstrated the unique advantages of the Group’s partnership with investment fund.

Jiangmen Starry Regal Court

Launch Year: 2011

Jiangmen Starry Regal Court (江門星匯名庭) is located at the junction of North Ring Road and Huang Zhuan Avenue of Jiangmen City. It is adjacent to the planned municipal park on the southern side and the future municipal administration center will be located on the southern side of the park. The region in which it is located has convenient traffic network. The project adopted a green and Australian modern style of architectural design. The project has been named as the “Exempla ry Property of Lowest -carbon Urban Living” in Jiangmen, and has been preliminarily certified as the winner of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Prize. The surrounding facilities include vehicle terminals, convention and exhibition centers, 5-star hotels, youth palace, etc., making it an ideal home for first time buyers and upgraders alike.

Zhongshan Starry Winking

Launch Year: 2012

Zhongshan Starry Winking (中山星匯雲錦) is located at Xingnan Road of t he South district in Zhongshan city, it has a convenient traffic network and takes only a 10-minute drive to the prosperous business district of the city center. The project highlights living in a “natural, low -carbon, comfortable and ecological” space with comprehensive lifestyle and leisure facilities, creating a large-scale commercial and residential community conducive to living, business and leisure. The project has a large -scale shopping mall of over 60,000 sq.m. in gross floor area and attracted reputable Chinese home building businesses such as Macalline home decoration and building materials center to be an anchor tenant, forming the largest building materials market in Zhongshan to cater for the Pearl River Delta region with enormous potential inve stment opportunities.

Zhongshan Starry Junting

Launch Year: 2012

Situated at Qiguan West Road, a main artery at the center of Zhongshan, Zhongshan Starry Junting ( 中山星匯雋庭) provides easy access to all modern amenities from catering and entertainment to leisure and education. Comprising seven 31- or 32-storey Western-style buildings, the project offers principally 130-250 sq.m. units . Modern and stylish, the project is elaborately designed to create a low-density residence at the urban center. Balconies and French windows combine to improve lighting and maximize the views of high-rise apartments, offering a perfect fusion of urban and garden views. Landscaped up to the standard of star hotels in Southeast Asia, the project creates a holiday life style for property owners.

Nanhai Starry Winking
Residential and Commercial Project
Launch Year: 2014

Nanhai Starry Winking (南海星匯雲錦) is located at the junction of the main roads, Nanhai Avenue and Nangui East Road, in Nanhai District of Foshan City. It situated on the junction of Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Line and Foshan Metro Line 3, making it a rare property in the city center of Foshan that situated on top of a metro station with two metro lines. This project will be developed into a landmark conplex including high-end residential properties, serviced apartments, grade-A office buildings and top class commercial shopping malls, creating a modern urban universal living system and making it an incomparable fortune center along Nanhai Avenue.