The Brand’ Mission
— Where Good Living Starts —
Working for customers and shareholders, caring for employees and giving back to society
The Brand’s Vision
— To become China’s leading urban operation service provider —
Quality Products, Quality Services, Strong Brand, Capable Service Team
The Brand’s Positioning
— A leading pioneer of good urban life —
The Brand’s Core Values
Quality: Maintaining consistent quality in accordance with the principles of customer-centricity and people-oriented approach
Responsibility: Making life good with a state-owned enterprise’s strong sense of responsibility towards different stakeholders
Innovation: Driving Yuexiu Property’s strategic business transformation and upgrading through innovation
Mutual Benefit: Working together with the government, investors, suppliers, employees and customers for mutual benefit.
Means to generate value
Two-pronged strategy for development with equal emphasis on commercial and residential properties: The development and management of residential and commercial properties serve as twin growth engines and make up a system for urban operation service for all types of properties.
Core capability for urban operation: One of the oldest all-round property development firms established in China and a pioneer in Guangzhou’s urban operation.
The unique business model of “Property Development + Property Operation + Finance”: The cooperation between Yuexiu Property and Yuexiu REIT has resulted in the closed-loop business system of property development, property operation, property management and finance.p
A system for development and operation of all types of properties: Branching out strategically into properties for the elderly care, long leases and the properties connected to rail transport, thus vitalizing the cities.