Reshaping the life of old age, creating a better life

Guangzhou Yuexiu Health and Wellness Industry Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Yuexiu Health and Wellness”) was established as a health and wellness business arm of Yuexiu Group in 2017.

Yuexiu Health and Wellness is committed to a mission of “reshaping the life of old age and creating a better life” and, therefore, has a vision of providing first-class elderly care products and services. Applying the principle of combining international experience with local practice, Yuexiu Health and Wellness has successively introduced the advanced experience and resources of elderly care of Britain, France, Austria, Canada and Japan into China.

Since its entry into the elderly care business in 2017, Yuexiu Health and Wellness has gradually developed its three-tier system of products and service network that encompass “elderly care urban complexes, community-based elderly care institutions and home care services for the elderly” with its core products such as medical and elderly care institutions, health and wellness apartments and rehabilitation hospitals to provide comprehensive, integrated medical and elderly care services for the aged people. After two years of practice and efforts, Yuexiu Health and Wellness has preliminarily developed its operations on an industrial scale according to its “9+3” plan, operating nine projects with a total of nearly 4,000 hospital beds in Guangzhou, Foshan, a city in Jiangsu province and Wuhan. The company now ranks among the second-tier medical and elderly care institutions in the country. It has also set up three ancillary businesses to support the development of the health and wellness business, namely a school of nursing, home care services for the elderly and “Yue Health Business Accelerator” which is a co-working space service that integrates an office building, an exhibition centre and apartments to facilitate the development of the healthcare business.

Presently, Yuexiu Health and Wellness has already developed six high-end and mid-range urban complexes for integrated medical and elderly care, including Guangzhou Yuexiu Haiyiyuan, Guangzhou Yuexiu Haiyuehui and Guangzhou Yuexiu Silver Beauty Yiyuan, which are based in well-developed communities and consist of stand-alone compounds, providing the quality services of housing, medical care, nursing, catering and entertainment.

In the coming decade, Yuexiu Health and Wellness will develop its strong, core capabilities of business operation and asset management and build a leading national brand of health and wellness business. According to its business development plan, the company would put ten major projects into operation by 2022. In the coming decade, it will build up its business presence mainly in the Greater Bay Area while actively expanding its business in central and eastern China, with projects in operation totalling 100 and assets under its management totalling more than RMB10 billion. This is how Yuexiu Health and Wellness will develop its nationwide business presence and build a first-class brand of health and wellness business.

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