We firmly believe that Yuexiu Property's sustainable development philosophy will create a positive societal impact.

We actively respond to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), establish an optimal SDGs strategic structure, and integrate ESG concepts into the Company’s development strategy. We are committed to operating with a responsible attitude to create sustainable environmental, social and economic benefits. We continuously enhance our own sustainable development capabilities to become a responsible corporate citizen.

We have set up an ESG Committee under the Board of Directors. The diversified ESG Committee, with different professional perspectives and risk preferences, is better equipped to deal with complex ESG risks, grasp the ESG opportunities for the Group and gain a head start in development.

Based on domestic and international policies, Yuexiu Property has established a comprehensive sustainability policy system, which is regularly reviewed and updated by the Board of Directors and the ESG Committee. Details can be accessed by clicking on the policy categories below.

Sustainable Development Policy Category